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Criminal Law

A criminal charge can be an embarrassing, expensive experience and can change your life. If you are facing criminal charges the State is working on your convictions. Let’s start working on your DEFENSE!


A DUI can affect your lifestyle and perhaps your career. We all make mistakes. But don’t make the mistake of not having an experienced attorney. If you have been charged with a DUI, call immediately.  

Family Law

The dissolution of marriage process can oftentimes be confusing and emotionally painful. Our firm understands the dynamics of a divorce and works diligently in representing our clients.

Tony Hernández III, Esq.

Criminal & Family Law

As an experienced and dedicated lawyer, my objective is to amicably settle my clients’ disputes quickly and discreetly using alternative mechanisms whenever possible. With a broad background and depth of experience, I and my legal staff are dedicated to...

About Me

Working with Mr. Hernandez has been nothing but excellence. Mr. Hernandez went above and beyond while being extremely responsive and comforting due to his extensive knowledge of law. Mr Hernandez provided unique positive assistace due to his personable nature which enabled me to trust Tony throughout the process, knowing that he was nonjudgmental towards my legal situation. Mr. Hernandez kept me up to date with my case without having to reach out to him, which provided me with comfort and safety that allowed my family to make it through what was the most devestating and tragic event of our lives. I am forever indebted (figuratively not monitarily) to Mr. Hernandez. I know that he is always a phone call away and in the event that I will ever need legal aid in the future, I would never consider hiring another lawyer. Thank you, Mr. Hernandez!

S.L., Cocoa Beach

So glad I chose Tony for my divorce case. Worth every dollar. Don’t go into court without him leading the way. Master of Family Law!!!

Corey McCray

Tony and his staff are absolutely amazing. He told me from day one how it would play out and he was spot on. He gave me phenomenal advice and I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Jason Lichau

Tony Hernandez III and his amazing Paralegal Diane have tremendously and thoroughly dialed in several complex legal issues for our businesses. I’ve never met an Attorney so easy to work with. I know we are in good hands and will continue to use this firm for all legal matters!

Eric Metz

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